About me

I am Gertjan Smits, creator of Doodly Doo and owner of the company Gertjan.com.

I’m a developer with a fulltime job at a Dutch company, working primarily on iPhone and iPad apps.

In the evenings I like to work for my own company, on my own projects. In this company I’m a one-man band, doing design, development and marketing where I can. And I love doing it!

The apps I’m building are usually solutions to daily problems, however, Doodly Doo is a special one for me.

The doodles you see in this app are similar drawings I always used to draw when I was a kid (37 now). Being blessed with a daughter in 2019 I recently got inspired to combine these two passions and this app is the result.

My daughter loves the app and I can’t wait adding more games to it. The idea is that the app becomes a nice place for a child to hangout and learn a thing or two.

I’m honoured that you read this text, and I hope your child will have a good time playing with Doodly Doo. If you have any questions or tips, don’t hesitate to reach out via info@gertjan.com. I will happily answer any question and will take feedback very serious.

If you like the app, please consider the Full Version or a review in the App Store.